To Ride a motorcycle on the road you need an appropriate licence and insurance.

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General Maintenance and Cleaning

Like any Motor vehicle your new motorcycle needs and will benifit from regular cleaning and maintanence between services.

Most of this should be quite straight foward and simple and only take an hour or so.


Every 500 miles or month or so do a quick check over the bike , does the chain need adjusting or oiling? does the clutch need adjusting ? and do all the electrics work.

Recommended routine.

Important Safety Note :
Avoid getting OIL/GT85/WD40 or polish on the Disc brakes as this will seriously reduce your braking Efficiency

Wash your bike using a good quality automotive cleaner , (avoid household detergents if possible as they may contain salts which can cause corrosion.) Make sure you do not get water down the exhaust or into the Air filter and also avoid getting the clocks and electrics to soaked (washing is fine but don't drown them.)

Once washed dry the bike down with a chamois cloth .

Check the chain , if it needs adjusting carry out as per the new machine booklet we gave you with your new bike.

Check the rear brake adjustment and the clutch lever adjustment , both take a few seconds and really make a difference to how your bike feels.

Oil the chain with a good quality chain lube.

Use the chain lube on other pivot points around the bike. ie. Footrest pivots, clutch lever pivots, stand and brake lever pivots.

Check all the electrics are working.

Spray a small amount of GT85 or WD40 into the switch gear to keep them all nicely lubed up.

Polish the bike using your favourite bike polish. (avoid polishing the seat too much as you will slide around and that makes it difficult to enjoy the ride!)